Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tea Time at Song Kheng Hai Food Court



4.00pm Tea Time at Song Kheng Hai Food Court, on Sunday. One of the best places to have the most localize, nice & cheap food in town. I bet you never seen/heard about these food before if you are not living in Kuching or never been to Kuching before.

The moment when you sit down on a chair at the food court, a very friendly lady will come to you and ask whether you want to order some drink. On a hot Sunday afternoon, I’ve order a fresh coconut water for my thirst. I remember once a Chinese Physician told me that taking a fresh coconut water can reduce the ‘heat gas’ inside your body almost immediately, and avoid sickness due to the ‘heat’. Besides fresh coconut water, you could order sugar cane juice or The Perfect Match of Coconut Water & Sugar Cane Juice. Nice too!

The next thing to do is, to go to the desired stalls and order the food….The ultimate Belachan Bee Hun, never heard before? OK, Belachan is a kind of spice that you can only find in Malaysia or nearby places. Bee Hun is rice noodle but slightly thinner, mostly imported from China. Belachan Bee Hun comes with boiled sotong & sliced cucumber too. Together with the secret soup and sauce, the taste is like ..mmm…WONDERFUL!

A side order of Belachan Bee Hun, RM1.00 of Century Egg, makes the Bee Hun tastier.

The remarkable Sotong-Kangkong, another food that you can’t get it elsewhere. By the name, you get Sotong & Kankong and another secret sauce with some crunched peanuts as toppings for the purpose of some crunchy feels. The absolutely non-fat dish (but a bit high cholesterol lah..)

Lastly, the very traditional & local food….introducing the local salad….ROJAK. You get a mixture of veges. & fruits (things like cucumber, ‘mangkuang’, ‘Tou-fu’, pineapple & etc.) in it with once more…secret sauce & crunched peanut. What I heard about the sauce is that, the sauce is made from prawn. But think-think, cannot relate the sauce to prawn, because the sauce is in black colour…how do they do that?? I don’t want to know :). Just eat it…


angel said...

We've been there before!!

But hor... I no likey the belacan bee hoon... err... too belacany liao... :P

But the coconut + sugar cane is nice!

And penang rojak is bestest! :D And how they make prawn + black huh... I also dowanna know!! :P

IguanaKia said...

Yeah, better dun wanna know...sometimes its better for something to remain as 'secret'..haha.

Pink Cotton said...

helloooo im here! =)

the kong pia + meat there is vrey nice!

IguanaKia said...

Pink Cotton-
True kah the kong pia there nice?
I never try leh, next time must try.

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