Saturday, December 6, 2008

Zhong Yuan Kitchen ~ Tested

Just tried out the "Zhong Yuan Kitchen" last night, at Premier 101 Commercial Centre.
Obviously by the name, not hard to notice it is a Chinese restaurant.

Here is the menu front page.

2nd page looks very promising, with the words "Customers 1st" in mandarin.

The outlook of the restaurant, the theme deco is X'Mas season. Even the waiters & waitresses are wearing Santa's hat to serve us.

Guess what is this for?

Da..da..Rice keep the rice warm enough for the night.

The "small Kai-lan". RM10.
To me, it was a bit salty. OK lah if mix with rice.

I think this is called Spicy Four Season Bean...or something. RM10.
We 'ta-pao' this one back during 'half-time'. Taste, so-so.

This one is Honey Sauce Chicken, very nice. RM13.

The Seafood Corn Soup for 2, but I think this bowl is big enough for 5~6 pax . RM15.
Quite nice, but we were too full to finish it.
We 'ta-pao' this one also.

Total Bill including 2 bowl of rice + 2 drinks: RM55.50

Click here for Location Map


Anonymous said...

the bill came out RM130++ with small portion (4 dishes)...
we wont go 2nd time...closebook!!
not recommended.. kena potong.

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